Juan Martinez Born and raised in Napa CA. Juan excelled in his football career at Napa High School and went on to play for the University of Idaho as a Division I Collegiate athlete. He is also known as a Physical Trainer and a fierce competitor at Francos Fitness Cross-fit gym, here in Napa. When he wasn't playing football taking aim at helmets, or working out like a mad man, he was drawing, taking aim at his artistic skills. His passion for art and creativity rapidly grew from a wee little lad, into the artist and man he has become today. After years of continuously improving with every tattoo in his apprenticeship here at Simms Ink, he has built his own clientele and is impressively taking on every tattoo he gets with confidence and kills it! Juan welcomes all styles of art and loves getting new creative ideas in front of him to work with. He is...TheChosenJuan41. Check him out!

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1920 Lernhart St Suite A
Napa CA 94559
(707) 224-1125

Specializes in the following Styles:
Color, and black & grey

Hours: (Mon, Wed, Fri, Sat, Sun) 12pm-8pm

Shop: NAPA

Email: SimmsInkNapa@gmail.com

Instagram: @thechosenjuan41